Automate Data Monitoring

Identify performance inefficiencies and alert you that the building conditions are operating outside of the set parameters.

Improve Building Performance

Increasing the number of issues resolved with the same amount of resources.

Find Energy and Cost Savings

Define key opportunities for improvement and inform strategic direction and priorities for road map development.

What e2optix Can Do

Most people understand that we do not operate our buildings at the peak of efficiency. Unlike other industries ranging from automobiles to airplanes, we have not taken full advantage of the extraordinary amount of data that could be extracted from our buildings. Whether it is energy conservation, operational efficiency or creating an engaging, safe and productive place, the data in our building can tell us when to start and shutdown our buildings, when rooms are being used, if the lights are on all night, if AC is fighting heat, water is leaking and more. 

Analytics And Fault Detection Diagnostics

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data using mathematics, statistics, predictive modelling and machine learning. Fault detection diagnostics is the search for an underlying problem or fault that may lead to other problems. These problems or faults may not be observable and do not have to be the result of a complete failure of a system, piece of equipment or hardware. They could be non-optimal operation or off-specification of a product or system.

Fault Detection Analytics combines real-time monitoring of systems’ data 24/7 and compares the patterns to a defined baseline and building-unique algorithms to identify performance inefficiencies and alert you that the building conditions are operating outside of the set parameters. This process allows your team to prioritize issues and their causes, reducing the time finding problems and increasing the number of issues resolved with the same amount of resources.

Analytics vs Alarms

Fault Detection Analytics is not your typical BAS or controller alarms. Alarms require that you understand what you want notification for, typically during the initial programming of the control system. To go back and configure hundreds of alarms into an existing BAS or controller can be time-consuming and cost prohibitive. Alarms are typically limited to the data in the local controller or device. They do not evaluate data from other external devices and sources or allow for sophisticated logic that interrelates multiple data items, conditions, correlations etc. Facility managers can’t possibly monitor all building system data every day to detect every leaking valve, stuck damper or sub-optimal control sequence in every building.  

The Results

Fault detection analysis makes analyzing data fast easy and useful by unlocking the data in your buildings and current HVAC systems. Recognizing that each building is unique, fault detection analysis enables domain experts from any field to implement customizable rules and algorithms that fit the needs of their unique applications. Combined with a customizable user interface, these analytics results are presented in visualizations that make it easy for operators to understand and act on them.

Our Services

For over 45 years, Yorkland Controls has been a leading provider of components, systems and services used to control the comfort and safety of high rise residential and commercial environments. Our philosophy of working closely with customers has made Yorkland Controls widely recognized for our comprehensive portfolio and is one of only a few in the industry that can deliver complete, integrated systems and sustained solutions to customers.
Our team consists of in-house integration specialists who are fully trained in integrating systems with our software solutions.  Coupled with our in-house analytic developers, we can customize communication drivers for 3rd party devices.